Billet and Carbon Fibre intake manifolds for the world's most demanding builds.

When compromising isn't an option.

Running the best possible hardware is everything, anything less is a compromise.

We don't believe in compromises. If you're going to build it, build it properly. It's always worth it.

And, that's why we exist - To design and construct custom intake manifolds out of performance-grade materials for serious owners that want the best, no compromises.

The crucial differences.
Design, Process & Materials.

What makes CPC intake manifolds different? It's not just a single element, it's a swathe of elements combined to provide the ultimate in strength, reliability, compatibility and performance.

All CPC intake manifolds are:
  • Feature full custom in-house design, utilizing 15 years of inlet development experience
  • Every single feature being considered down to the finest detail - read more
  • Full 6061 Billet aluminium CNC machined made on our multi-axis Hurco & Haas CNC machines.
  • Carbon Fibre vacuum bagged & resin infused
  • Modular design which makes it easy to upgrade/interchange

Proven Performance.
Flow maximised. Unmatched confidence.

Over 15+ years of design and development experience, we have established proven methods to ensure the best overall performance for every intake manifold.

Our design criteria concentrates on air distribution between cylinders and overall intake manifold volume to provide a distinct performance advantage.

Regardless of you application, we are proven performers.

Customise it.
Show-grade finishing, colour options, materials, & specs

Impressions & aesthetics count. Choose from a range of options to match your engine spec & build, colour themes, and materials to really turn heads. When you buy with CPC Manufacturing, you are getting a market leading custom intake manifold.